About the Broad Street Angels

We are the Broad Street Angels, founded by a small group of members of The Union League of Philadelphia who gathered in the Spring of 2016 to create an affinity club with the purpose of driving investment to startups in the Mid-Atlantic region.

The Broad Street Angels has grown to nearly 125 Union League of Philadelphia members with highly successful backgrounds in numerous industries ranging from retail, healthcare, medical devices, technology, finance, real estate, intellectual property law, entertainment, retail and more. We are current or retired CEOs and C-Suite executives, patent attorneys, investment fund managers, bankers, CPAs, executives from Fortune 500 companies, technologists, physicians and entrepreneurs. Forty-nine of our members identify themselves as entrepreneurs, while 19 are active CEOs and 6 have founded their own firms.

As an affinity club of The Union League of Philadelphia, the Broad Street Angels are exclusively Union League members that qualify as accredited investors. Investments are made by individuals in amounts that range from $25,000 to $1 million or more. Our meetings are usually held on the first Thursday of each month. Since our first member meeting held in February of 2017, we have invested almost $7.75+ million in 30 companies. In 2021, we  invested $1.68 million in 6 new companies and 4 existing investments across the Mid-Atlantic.

About the Union League

Founded in 1862 as a patriotic society to support the Union and the policies of President Abraham Lincoln, The Union League of Philadelphia laid the philosophical foundation of other Union Leagues across a nation torn by civil war. The League has hosted US presidents, heads of state, industrialists, entertainers and dignitaries from around the globe and has proudly supported the American military in each conflict since the Civil War. The Union League continues to be driven by its motto, Amor Patriae Ducit or Love of Country Leads.  Today, The Union League is home to over 3,500 men and women who contribute to club life and keep alive the League’s traditions. As they did in 1862, today’s members represent the Philadelphia region’s leaders in business, education, technology, healthcare, law, government, religion, art and culture.

Why work with the Broad Street Angels?

We are on your side. We understand the demands and stress of our startup companies and want to make sure our due diligence process is thorough but not overbearing. The last thing we want to do is distract you from focusing on growing your business because it doesn’t help anyone’s investment be successful. We like to think that an investment from a BSA member brings a network of contacts and experience that can help you grow your company. We don’t just bring dollars. We bring brain power.

Many of our members often help to make introductions to prospective customers, partners, legal and financial resources. Members are asked to serve on the board of directors or advisory boards of our portfolio companies, or provide consulting services to help our companies get to the next milestone.

Once we invest we want you to succeed and help where we can. We even help companies that we don’t invest in. It might be that the company needs to hit a milestone, tighten up their sales strategy or show progress from a recent pivot. We often provide constructive feedback when we don’t invest so that our companies understand our decision and can focus on areas that could make us interested down the road.

Each Broad Street Angel member is an accredited investor with a successful track record in their respective industries. Our members bring senior level expertise to each of our portfolio companies.

Meet our Executive Committee

If you are a Union League member, and are interested in joining the Broad Street Angels Affinity Club, please email us at info@broadstreetangels.com and we will connect with you.

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